Visitor's Very First Impression
Write a Title That Grabs Them

 This subtitle area is used to create a quick summary of what the site is about and garner interest in exploring it. Place primary keywords in the title and secondary keywords here. 

Main Product or Service

What is your biggest seller or service? People want to find it fast so mention it here.

2nd Product or Service

Not your most popular but a product or service that provides value to a visitor. They might of come for the main product but this second one will give them an extra reason to stay.

3rd Product or Service

Finish the triple hit combo by engaging with people's natural curiosity. You want the average visitor to go "hmm what is this about?". Could be a product/ service/ blog article or the story of your business.

Hi! Great to See You!

Now you can go into why this site is what they are looking for! The average person spends about 15 seconds on a new site before deciding to stay or leave. So make it short and easy to read while trying to answer

  • Why does this site exist (your are offering a solution to something!)?
  • What makes your company/product/service unique/ crazy awesome?
  • Who is this site for?

Show them your human side! People want professionalism but they also prefer dealing with humans rather than faceless companies. 

Don’t get bogged down! You’re going to do great! This is a short pitch and maybe you will only hit your stride after writing your first or second service/product page. You can always come back and change it. Even Margaret Atwood doesn’t get an intro right the first time!